Improving WiFi and Marking Corby Homes Smarter!

Don’t be left behind! A good quality WiFi supply to all areas of your home and outbuildings has become as essential as any other utility. We’re here to help you get the best possible service, ensuring you’re utilising the broadband speed you’re paying your provider for, in every corner of your property.

WiFi Improvements:-

  • Running High Speed Cabling
  • Advice on Routers and Boosters and other equipment
  • Eliminating WiFi Blackspots
  • Ensuring best possible Video Stream to consoles, TVs, Computers and other connected devices.

Smarter Homes:-

You’re probably aware that Smart Home Technology is now commonly available, but finding the choice bewildering? Too busy to properly investigate? This is a fast moving area of consumer technology. AR Electrics here to take the pain out of choosing the best, future-proof equipment and make the installation painless.

AR Electics Making your Home Smarter, more secure and efficient:-

  • Utilising voice control and Smart Phone Apps to operate your home
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Thermostats to make your heating more efficient than every before.
  • Smart Home entertainment, accessing Audio and Video libraries with millions of titles
  • Security and Safety through Alarm Systems, Door Bells and Cameras, all accessible through your smart phone
  • Other Connected Devices in an ever advancing world, from auto closing and opening your blinds to checking your baby monitor, We Can Help!

Please contact us for a competitive, no obligation quote for an initial solutions consultation:

+44 (0) 1536 265316

We value your feedback:

“Since AR electrics supplied and ran an ethernet connection to my home office (my garden summer house, I can work to maximum speed while also streaming 4k video to my TV’s Firestick! Life changer!”

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